Augmented is a boutique development shop. Like those we serve, we try to master a particular niche.

To best focus on the needs of our clients, Augmented works on a referral only basis. We like to provide very high availability and progress at the pacing our clients require, but as a trade-off we need to be intentional about limiting our client base.



We don't come with a "system" or "platform"

Every solution starts from the ground-up. If there's a choice that saves you one tap, or 5 minutes of battery, or reduces cognitive load, then that's where we build. We always prefer to use interoperable standards and will integrate with any system that supports your mission, but each line of code goes in to support your present and future requirements. We expect your needs to be a programming "inconvenience".

... but this is not our first rodeo

Our clients' stories are not ours to share. If your referral source thinks we're a good fit for your needs but their interactions with us aren't in the same area, we will often build a rapid (typically 6 weeks or under) proof-of-concept at no cost. We know our lane; we want to make sure you understand both our strengths and limitations.

We believe users don't need more training

You selected your team for a reason. If something we made isn't intuitive or conflicts with how they prefer to operate, then the problem is on our end and we'll fix it. Our solutions must change to match how your people think and work, not the other way around.

We compete

You are measured and tested every day. The stakes and consequences are lower for us - so we expect you to discard us the moment our work is no longer the best option. Unless you need otherwise, we prefer to build so that every line of code is your intellectual property and heavily documented to allow someone else to take over. We build in a transition plan to every product and will provide a quality hand-over to any competitor you bring in. Merit is our only plan to retain customers.

We work on a handshake

We work with you because we believe in your mission. That means when those critical, short-fuse requirements arise, we will support you no matter what's on contract. Don't get us wrong, we like to work for money, but when needed there's no acquisition process between us and a solution. We have a lot of experience in working within restrictions on no-cost and gift contributions. If you need something, we'll be there. No promise of pay, no expectations of any favorable treatment in the future. Even if a particular interaction doesn't work out for us, it is the cost for maintaining a reputation as a dependable partner. That reputation is central to our business.