Our Commitment to Privacy
Augmented respects the privacy of every user of applications. Your privacy is not just a priority, it is our business.

The Data We Collect

The TacOS family of applications to include PLUGS and SOAN collect information about the device that they are installed on to include the device location and location history. These applications provide a collective unattended ground sensor capability and as such may collect personally identifiable information that is collected by on-device sensors. Data collected by SOAN is solely used to maintain connectivity with other SOAN enabled devices but maybe transmitted between devices to maintain that connectivity. PLUGS and PLUGS-affiliated applications also collect data from any enabled sensors to include audio and imagery and report that data back over SensorOps backhaul to the SensorOps platform as well as peer PLUGS devices within the same encrypted networks. As PLUGS may also use SOAN for peer connections, any information collected by PLUGS may also ride on SOAN to another PLUGS device or compatible system. No data is collected for direct marketing purposes. All data collected by the TacOS family of applications can be reviewed from within the associated SensorOps platform command center and/or device logging (if enabled).


How We Secure Data
We use a variety of security measures to protect your data. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access to and improper use of personally identifiable information. No  electronic data can ever be completely secure, but we are always working to maintain up-to-date and appropriate security mechanisms.

How We Use Your Information
All data collected by the TacOS family of applications is collected solely in furtherance of the unattended ground sensor capability of installed devices. Augmented does not sell, trade, or share personally identifiable information with any other entity except as required by law or to protect the integrity of SensorOps systems.

Privacy Policy